Boma Jewelry

About Boma Jewelry

We exist to be an example of generosity, love and long-term commitment to people and planet. Everyday we work to execute our vision and mission on behalf of all of our stakeholders.

Social and Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to being social and environmental stewards of our planet and will continually look for improvements in our processes to lessen our environmental impact while supporting our workers and the communities we live in.

Positive Social Impact: We are committed to continuing our support for women, refugees and non-english speaking new immigrants to the United States of America.

Environmental Impact: We are committed to looking at the full process of our supply chain to look at ways we can continually improve and lessen our environmental impact. From using recycled silver to working with our factories to switch to renewable energies, our commitment is to look at big and small areas of impact.

Girl’s Education: We are committed to supporting communities of need and identifying relevant ways of charitable giving especially through partnerships with our manufacturer overseas.