Clear Rear

About Clear Rear

Saving the planet (and bums!), one flush at a time.

The potty, the commode, the restroom. We are all using it, multiple times a day! As we sat on our royal throne (hah!), we recognized that as Americans, our restroom habits are archaic. We are one of the few societies still completely relying on paper products in the restroom, which is unhygienic, unpleasant, and wasteful. Did you know that on average, a single American uses almost 60 sheets of toilet paper PER DAY?

One Clear Rear cleansing experience is all we needed to realize that a quality bidet was not a luxury but a necessity that all Americans should have access to. We ventured out to create smart, real-life solutions for your bathroom business.

Our passion for innovation and reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources have led us to rethink the way we GO. Our collection is thoughtfully designed, developed and quality tested in our headquarters in California, where we focus on creating amazing products for all needs, preferences, and comforts.

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