Lacie Thompson Featured on the Martech Record

In this article, featured on the Martech Record, Founder and CEO of LT Partners discusses why running a partner program strictly on a last click basis is counterproductive to achieving the incremental results brands are looking for.

Lacie illustrates the problems with the model here:

“Let’s say you’re able to effectively get content produced. If it’s a good article, you’ll see a boatload of traffic from this partner. Still, you’re scratching your head about why it doesn’t drive more revenue. You might say ‘I guess content doesn’t convert.’ But that is simply not the case; it’s just that other partners, who have built their model to increase conversion, are getting the credit for all that gorgeous content.”

When this happens, more top of funnel content partners are not incentivized to continue to promote your brand.

Content publications use tools like Trackonomics to understand the revenue driven by each featured brand and article. Publications want to maximize the value of their content. Making money from a featured brand is one way to indicate their audience is interested in that brand. Editors aren’t likely to continue featuring something that’s not sparking interest.”

Lacie goes on to provide some data from one brand who switched from a last click program structure to a more strategic model:

PeriodRevenue Contribution from content partnersAffiliate % of total businessCoverage pieces during periodDomain authority of coverage
Pre (Last Click)13.2%6.49%2781

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