LT Partners Scales Performance via Content Inclusions for a Luxury DTC Brand

The Goal: 

This luxury DTC retailer has a mantra of sustainability via simplicity, smart design and longevity. They manufacture their product responsibly by going sourcing from skilled craftsmen throughout the world. They do not ever discount their products.

Going into Q4 2021, the main goal was to increase new digital press content, monetized through the partnerships channel that will result in sales for the brand.

The Solution: 

Throughout the years of relationships developed, the LTP team was able to share compelling information to their contacts across multiple digital publications.

Based on editorial interest, the team fielded and fulfilled gift requests.

Where appropriate, further details were shared to provide editors with compelling product and brand information that they could include in their content.

CPA-based incentives were offered to be competitive during peak key retail times.

The Results: