Focused On Understanding The Incremental Value Of Every Relationship





Affiliate Management

LTP was founded with a core group of affiliate and partner marketing experts, focused on building relationships that bring new customers at every step along their shopping process, from the top of the funnel to the bottom. This approach builds more autonomy and independence within the channel and less reliance on other marketing efforts.

LTP designs solutions for clients that are bespoke to their needs because every company is unique and their partnerships should be as well. From unique project-based work to full program management, the LTP team is well-versed in every aspect of partnerships development.

Public Relations

The gap between PR and Affiliate marketing has lessened over the past few years, as digital publications shift from the historical hard copy subscription model to monetizing digital content. Offering public relations services focused on media relations was an organic extension of services for LTP.

Utilizing innovative technology platforms, the LTP team is able to create efficient consistency in communications to editors, all while providing the business value via the partnership model.


While influencer marketing can often live within several different teams internally and can be layered in to partner marketing or public relations, it can also be a standalone area of focus for brands. The LTP team is incredibly well-versed at partnering with influencers at every category and tier.

With a focus on data and performance, our influencers strategies are built to bring the most value for brands.