Meet The Team

Our marketing and consulting services are designed to strategically solve problems of any business with a digital presence. Our team of deeply experienced consultants can help your business grow and know how to have fun doing it. 

Lacie Thompson

Founder + CEO

● Experience: Founder + CEO with 12+ years of digital marketing, primarily partnership marketing, both domestic and international. Board Member for the PMA, Martech Record Expert Panel member, Performance In Top 50 & Top 30 US Changemakers in Partnership Marketing

● Superpower: Smiling amongst chaos.

● Fun Fact: I’ve had a real estate license, an insurance license and a motorcycle license.

Steven Tazic

General Manager

● Experience: 19+ years leading eCommerce businesses and agency media teams focused on getting the right data infrastructure and measurement framework in place enabling strategies that add incremental value for your business.

● Superpower: Innovating technologies in ways the designers never even intended.

● Fun Fact: I've won more Halloween costume contests than I've lost.

Julia Stanley


● Experience: 18 years+ of Managing Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Paid Social, Email Marketing & Influencer Marketing.

● Superpower: Wine consumption with a shopping addiction.

● Fun Fact: I have a daughter that was born in each decade within the past 30 years. (Yes, I just dated myself and yes I have three)

Rachel Jones


● Experience: 9 years of digital marketing experience, with the past 8 years focused on affiliate marketing, previously running affiliate programs for large retail brands, with a focus on luxury.

● Super Power: Extensive knowledge of pop culture.

● Fun Fact: My family owns an ice cream shop.

Kendyl Washatka


● Experience: I have more than 19 years of experience in performance and digital marketing with 15 years spent working for top affiliate publishers, and 4 years running an agency team. Over the course of my career I’ve worked with brands in nearly every vertical and size from retail to travel and startup to Fortune 500.

● Super Power: Analyzing situations and personalities which then allows me to provide solutions or adapt based on need.

● Fun Fact: I grew up in a bed & breakfast in Northwest Illinois.

Christine Fischer Hewit


● Experience: Senior performance marketing professional with over 8 years experience driving aggressive, cost effective customer acquisition, customer retention, and gross revenue at the agency and in-house level. Expert in affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, paid social, display media, branded content, and brand partnerships. Prior professional experience in finance and consulting. MA Economics.

● Super Power: Proven hard-line negotiator and client relationship specialist; I can achieve my bottom line without sacrificing strong, collaborative partnerships.

● Fun Fact: Trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. Learned to ski at 27!

Lyndsey Fish

Sales Director

● Experience: Sales Director with over 12 years in the Affiliate Marketing industry. Previously built and ran the partnerships program at TUNE and has managed large client portfolios for agencies. Expert in Affiliate Marketing, partnerships and managing a team. BA in Psychology from Cambridge College, Marketing Certification from Murdoch University. Panelist for Martech Record.

● Superpower: My superpower is being kind and empathetic while also being direct and firm.

● Fun Fact: Originally from Maine. Previously live in Australia

Teo Costea

Associate Director - Publisher Relations

● Experience: Bachelors Degree in Marketing, with a Certificate of International Studies in Business and experience working abroad. Affiliate marketer and PR enthusiast.

● Super Power: I’ve never lost a houseplant (15 strong right now)!

● Fun Fact: I speak three languages and hold Romanian citizenship.

Katelyn Gummere

Associate Director - Onboarding & Training

● Experience: Bachelor's degree in Administrative Management and Information Technology with a specialization in Cyber Security. 2+ years in Affiliate Marketing & 3+ years experience as an IT specialist for an educational foundation.

● Super Power: Super Fast Obsessive Laundry Folding Superstar.

● Fun Fact: Growing up I traveled every summer to the town of Bandon, Ireland, spending quality time with my grandparents and family.

Taylor Radke

Associate Director - Partnerships

● Experience:Bachelor's degree in Communications. 7 years of Digital Marketing experience with a focus on Affiliate and Paid Social. Most recently managing multiple clients across various digital channels within the retail space.

● Super Power: A strong sense of smell... can be rewarding at times but also a nuisance when the orders aren't pleasant.

● Fun Fact: Only 3 people have/had red hair in my family. My Grandma, myself (up until high school), and my 2-year-old daughter.

Grant Wojahn

Associate Director, People Operations

● Experience: 10 years of experience working in Human Resources and Recruiting. The bulk of my career was spent at QuoteWizard, building the business from a startup to helping to sell the company to Lending Tree. I love startups and getting my hands dirty and I look forward to helping LT Partners grow into the future.

● Superpower: I have a way of cramming useless knowledge and facts in my brain. It allows me to be a good Trivial Pursuit player.

● Fun Fact: I am an avid snowboarder in the winter and skateboarder in the summer. I am also a sneaker collector.

Eli Dickson

Manager - Operations

● Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics. MBA and MS in International Management with concentrations in Marketing and Organizational Leadership.8+ years of experience in customer service, sales, project management, and fintech.

● Superpower: I am a classically trained chef. I have also moved 16 times in my life, and I consider myself somewhat of a master packer/organizer at this point.

● Fun Fact: I am a so-called Texwegian (born in Norway but have spent the last 10 years in Texas). I speak 4+ languages and I am always thinking about my next DIY project.

Kaylee Ulman

Associate Manager - Operations

● Experience: Bachelor's degree in Marketing. 4.5 years of experience in Digital Marketing with a focus on Email Marketing and most recently managing multiple brands across various digital channels.

● Super Power: Professional lake-goer and avid Netflix binger

● Fun Fact: Met my Husband at a golf course where I was driving around the beverage cart for my summer job during College!

Henry Pallares

Senior Manager

● Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Marketing - Communications. 6+ years of experience in enterprise-size client relationship management and workflow optimization. Enjoys leveraging data and proven protocols (in balance with creativity) to seize opportunities to strengthen and streamline processes.

● Superpower: Being a nerd. Having a puzzle-solving type approach to most issues. Fostering creativity and alternative ways of thinking and problem-solving.

● Fun Fact: I was born in Colombia, South America, and moved to the States in 5th grade. I learned English that same year by playing video games and watching the sit-com Friends on repeat. My sense of humor falls somewhere between Chandler and Ross.

Alli Heafner

Senior Manager

● Experience: 10+ years of affiliate account management experience primarily at the agency level. I have also managed advertiser and agency relationships on the affiliate platform side as well as provided independent consulting services for brands across a multitude of verticals.

● Superpower: An eternal optimist, I can find the silver lining in nearly anything!

● Fun Fact: I am obsessed with Billy Idol and have seen him in concert more times than I care to admit

Chris Calabrese

Senior Manager

● Experience: Over 15 years experience in eCommerce with various roles in Account Management and Sales. 5 years working at an affiliate network managing both large and small brand programs across numerous verticals. Strong emphasis on data, strategy, and collaboration.

● Superpower: Bags (aka cornhole) - Any boards, any bags, I'm ready!

● Fun Fact: I'm an Ordained Minister and performed my friend's wedding ceremony.

Hannah Smith

Senior Manager

● Experience: I have a collective of 6 years in affiliate and customer experience across top ecommerce and hospitality brands. The past 3 years have been spent agency side in affiliate, forging and fostering relationships with industry leading publishers in loyalty, tech and finance. I enjoy championing for my clients and partners while driving mutually beneficial partnerships.

● Superpower: I can stay composed and clear-minded under tough circumstances.

● Fun Fact: I have lived in 5 different states in the past 6 years and have loved every experience.

Katie Coyle

Senior Manager

● Experience: I have worked in affiliate marketing for six years, with experience ranging across networks and agencies. My client experience ranges from small D2C brands to Fortune 50 giants, always with a careful consideration for data, strategy and results.

● Superpower: Curiosity - I am always looking to learn, whether it is a new process or perspective, with the intent to make an impact

● Fun Fact: I am an avid cross-stitcher and am very into DIYing anything, most recently I have been painting and bedazzling things.

Tyler Williams

Senior Manager

● Experience:I have 7 years of experience in affiliate marketing. Specifically, I was on the agency side of CJ and ran a portfoliio of diverse clients. My clients ranged from SME to global enterprise brands across nearly all verticals and industries.

● Superpower: Hand-eye coordination - I can pick up almost any sport of athletic feat (within reason) pretty quickly.

● Fun Fact: I am a scratch golfer and taught myself to play guitar after college

John Ethier


● Experience: After spending 5 years in the craft beer industry, I pivoted to affiliate and digital marketing seven years ago when I joined BrandVerity. Starting on the customer success team, I transitioned to a sales role and haven't looked back since! I really enjoy working with brands of all types, where I get to learn about their business and help solve complex problems.

● Superpower: I love cooking, and can usually throw together a tasty meal for me and the family out of whatever happens to be in the fridge that day.

● Fun Fact: Nothing makes me happier than riding one of my bikes, whether on trail or road. You can often find me sporting one of my daughter's colorful band-aids from my most recent mishap.

Rachel Morgan

Lead Consultant

● Experience: Bachelor’s Degrees in Marketing and Journalism. 4+ years experience working in the Seattle media space freelance writing and at publications. Previously, I worked in social media management with a focus on building brand and community relations.

● Superpower: I can read upside down at the same speed as right side up

● Fun Fact: In high school, I worked at a restaurant famous for the Kitchen Sink, a two gallon ice cream sundae made up of eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings, and all the whipped cream and cherries you can imagine. Man vs. Food filmed an episode there and he ate the entire thing!

AJ Quinata

Lead Consultant

● Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Human Resources. With 5 years of customer service, I have become passionate about developing relationships with new individuals as well as strengthening those that already exist.

● Superpower: Party planning! I love to plan parties especially surprise parties. Witnessing their reactions is everything.

● Fun Fact: The first car I consistently drove around was a Hummer H2 because my actual first car was a stick shift. It took me quite some time to learn.

Garrett Neta

Lead Consultant

● Experience: Bachelors Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Applied Leadership and Decision Making. I have 5 years of experience in Affiliate and Influencer Marketing. I'm passionate about working with partners and building relationships to drive success.

● Superpower: Green Bay Packer fan enclyclopedia. Know a lot about the team and franchise.

● Fun Fact: Own two horses with expectation to have four total.

Annalise Walser

Lead Consultant

● Experience: I have a Bachelors in Hospitality Business Management from WSU (Go Cougs!). I come with over 6 years of management experience combined from both the retail & hospitality industry. I have managed and strengthened exisiting teams, as well as built teams from scratch and developed people into key team members and sales experts.

● Superpower: I have the ability to take a traditional sales encounter and make it into an engaged sales experience.

● Fun Fact: I have traveled to 7 different countries and 10 different states. I completed a 6 week culinary study abroad in Florence during my time as an undergrad.

Kelli Andersen

Lead Consultant

● Experience: 16 years experience in the healthcare field, specializing in client management and relations, data evaluation and research, and case presentation. Looking forward to transferring those skills into the Affiliate Marketing realm with LT Partners.

● Superpower: I make insanely good homemade ice cream…a wedding gift that went unused for 11 years turned into requests from friends/family to start my own business.

● Fun Fact: I was a classically trained ballerina while simultaneously playing competitive soccer and softball.

Shadia Simms

Senior Associate

● Experience: Studied Psychology, which has laid the foundation for enthusiasm in research and understanding data. Has previous experience in social media and marketing, managing students, customer service, lead generation, and the property leasing industry. Looking forward to transferring these skills and continuing a digital marketing career at LTP.

● Superpower: Super crafty & creative in projects & DIYs! I especially enjoy interior design projects!

● Fun Fact: Visited a variety of museums and I plan to visit as much as I can.

Jessica Roppolo

Senior Associate

● Experience: Bachelor's degree in Event Management. 4 years of working in corporate partnerships in the sporting event industry and 2 years managing events for an advertising agency.

● Superpower: Knowing anything there is to know about Taylor Swift and her upcoming releases!

● Fun Fact: I love National Parks and being outside so much, I decided to buy an RV and live all around the country while working remotely!

Kristine Mattila

Senior Associate

● Experience: Graduated with a B.S. Degree in Interactive Web Management and is now 100% a marketing and excel enthusiast.

● Superpower: Extreme list-maker and note-taker. Also HAS to be working on a home project.

● Fun Fact: Has Wisconsin real estate license, title insurance license, is a notary, and very passionate about small businesses in her hometown.

Devyn Hensel

Senior Associate

● Experience: I have accumulated over 10 years of award winning customer service and sales experience.Through my many years in this space, I have gained a skill set in communication, managing timelines, and creating trustworthy bonds with my clients. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy completed at the University of South Florida.

● Superpower: Baking! I am an avid baker and love to be in the kitchen creating new recipes. I am happy to say I have taken home a few Blue ribbons in state competitions.

● Fun Fact: My parents picked my name out from a Billy Idol music video, “Rock the Cradle of Love”.

Rachel Miller

Senior Associate

● Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Event Management. 8 years of experience in the motorsports industry with a focus on sponsor services, hospitality & customer relations.

● Superpower: Positivity. Ability to find the silver lining.

● Fun Fact: My husband & I lived in an RV van with our pup, Ellen, for over a year while traveling the country.

Jasmine Frazier

Senior Associate

● Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Communications. 10+ years of media, event and brand marketing experience. Proven ability to combine vision, creativity and strategy to help companies grow. Passionate about learning all things marketing. Looking forward to becoming an Affiliate Guru.

● Superpower: Knowing almost everything there is to know about 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B culture.

● Fun Fact: SAG actress, singer/songwriter. I’m obsessed with vocal tones and arrangements. I also LOVE a good Broadway show!

Jade Lancaster

Senior Associate

● Experience: Recent graduate of Seattle University with a BABA major in Finance, along with being a member of the DI women's tennis team. I have a few years of sales/marketing experience in retail positions and college committee events and planning. I have loved working in these team environments and am looking forward to bringing my knowledge and excitement to the LTP team!

● Superpower: I can hit over a 100 mph tennis serve.

● Fun Fact: I bought my dream car!

Jenna Pecha

Associate Consultant

● Experience: Over 15 years experience in healthcare. Emphasizing in the management and care of the client, collecting and reporting of data with strong communication skills.

● Superpower: Strong sewing skills and can crochet you a nice winter scarf or blanket.

● Fun Fact: Studied classical ballet from ages 2-18 years old, now I have the pleasure of teaching my daughter dance at the same ballet school.

Kristin Vavra

Associate Consultant

● Experience: Over 5 years of experience within marketing including sales, communications and affiliates. Specializing in client communications, relationships, and negotiations.

● Superpower: Gremlin hands, small but powerful! Unusual high tolerance for picking up hot objects.

● Fun Fact: Exceptional vegan cook and baker of old-fashioned pies.

James Brodie

Associate Consultant

● Experience: Bachelor's degree in marketing from Washington State University. 2 years of affiliate marketing experience specifcially focusing on channel partner recruitment and revenue activation.

● Superpower: I recently discovered I can makes some surprisingly killer chili oil which I use on pretty much everything I eat these days.

● Fun Fact: I'm part Icelandic so I have a lot of family on the island of fire and ice. Not too bad of a place to visit either.

Amanda Chapin

Associate Consultant

● Experience: I have a Bachelors in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration. I have spent a majority of my career in the education field where I specialized in building relationships, using data to pinpoint needs and creating go-forward strategies.

● Superpower: Ability to read a room, understand others feelings, and adjust my demeanor to help others feel comfortable.

● Fun Fact: I own both a sewing and an embroidery machine, where I love to make items for family and friends.

Christianne Saalmann

Associate Consultant

● Experience: I have a Bachelor's degree in Converged Communications and a Broker's license in the state of Colorado. I have several years of client facing experience in PR, Hospitality and Real Estate. I've enjoyed working with clients and making sure that every interaction to fits their unique needs.

● Superpower: I can make friends anywhere I go. I love to travel solo and can strike up a meaningful conversation almost everywhere I go.

● Fun Fact: Born and raised a Jacksonville Jags fan!

Christopher Forero

Associate Consultant

● Experience: I have a bachelors degree in marketing and a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Florida. I worked in the liquor industry for a distrubtor for just under two years as a Sales/Marketing Consultant.

● Superpower: I am incredibly adaptable. I pick up skills and become proficient very quickly without ever become stressed from the new challenge.

● Fun Fact: I am a very active person, and when it comes to water sports I have played every aquatic sport, from water polo to diving to crew and more, atleast once.

Katie Gregory

Associate Consultant

● Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. Over five years experience in marketing, project management, event planning, and social media management. I love building relationships with clients and providing proven results.

● Superpower: I am a great multitasker. I can successfully manage multiple tasks at once and as a mom of two, I usually am!

● Fun Fact: I am a plant lover that has over 50 orchids and houseplants. I love spending time caring for my plants!

Tyler Thomas

Associate Consultant

● Experience: Bachelors Degree in Merchandise and a Minor in Marketing. In my professional career experience, I have a total of 7 years in Scrum Master/ Project management. I have worked in various industries like, mortgage services, retail, accounting and IT education.

● Superpower: Being able to stay calm in the midst of the most chaotic and hectic times

● Fun Fact: I was in a summer ad at Sally Beauty Supply for the launch on their new haircare line. I was on flyers, displays in stores and in their coroporate store front.

Claire Ball

Associate Consultant

● Experience: Master's Degree in History, Bachelors Degree in History, and a Minor in French. In my professional career experience, I have a total of 3 years of experience in digital marketing after running my own business and have worked in various industries like education, food and customer services, business management, and marketing.

● Superpower: I'm very empathic and easily can connect with others, making them feel comfortable and safe.

● Fun Fact: I grew up in Northern California and lived in San Diego, CA, Washington, DC, and Pasadena, CA. I also plan on moving to Paris, France in the next two years and living there for a year or two

Ifeoma Onuoha

Associate Consultant

● Experience: I have about 5 years of freelance-independent and FT experience working with adtech, digital media, campaign management, and content marketing, working cross functionally on different types of networks, brands, and verticals.

● Superpower: My superpower is seeing every life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.

● Fun Fact: I moved to the United States when I was 9 but was born and partially raised in Nigeria.

Nikita Gupta

Operations Manager

● Experience: A Certified data science enthusiast performing technical, analytical and management skills to seize opportunities for the organization. Researching data, combining multiple views of data to get richer insights. Bachelor's degree in management studies and awarded for handling social media handles of my college fest- Manthan.

● Superpower: An amateur crypto currency trader and your guide in my city🙂.Best practices of data visualization are baked right in here.Strong social networking skills and party planning!

● Fun Fact: The weirdest thing about me is - I have Cynophobia. Also,find me sleeping until you wake me up.

Rishav Kumar

Analytics Developer

● Experience: Before joining LT Partners, I have worked in 1 company, 2 start-ups and have an experience of 2 years working in different fields of Software Development and Machine Learning. I have also co-authored a research paper on thermal imaging and I have also done some freelancing gigs.

● Superpower: Dedication and not giving up attitude.

● Fun Fact: I make youtube tutorial videos in my free time.

Jitul Teron

Software Development Engineer

● Experience: Currently in 4th year pursuing Bachelor's of Technology from National Institute of Technology Silchar. 3+ years of dev journey from freelancing to internships to open source. Participated and won many hackathons. One of the major hackathon was Smart India Hackathon Finalist.

● Superpower: Love to learn new things especially in the technology domain. Ready to learn, compete for any tech hackathons or tech contributions.

● Fun Fact: I am a tech nerd, but also love to play football and cricket. Played regional for my school in Taekwondo.

Haarish Dharan

Analytics Developer

● Experience: Currently in 4th year pursuing Bachelor's of Technology from National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli. Worked as a research intern in IIM and a Technical content writer publishing content in pages like Analytics Vidhya. Also, I maintain a personal blog where I share my learnings.

● Superpower: Never taking any criticism to heart and have always tried to love the process more than the result so that the whole experience is enjoyable.

● Fun Fact: I am a dog person and lots of connections and networking i made in college are through street dogs in my college and hostel.

Kushagra Kaushal

Analytics Developer

● Experience: Currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Technology degree in Information Technology at IIIT Bhopal. Have worked as a ML Research Intern at IIT Indore. I have professional experience in Data Science, NLP, Speech Processing and computer vision.

● Superpower: With just minutes of practice, I can pick up any video game and probably be able to compete with anyone. I just love video games.

● Fun Fact: I relate more to anime antagonists than protagonists,. Does that make me a villain.

Himanshu Gupta

Senior Operations Analyst

● Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Applications and Diploma in Information Technology with a Certification as an Ethical Hacker. 2+ Years experience as a Data Analyst.

● Superpower: 5th Rank at Smart India Hackathon'17 and a competitive game player.Learning new coding languages and multi-tasking personality.

● Fun Fact: I won multiple small eSports tournaments in different games in different colleges. I can drive a bicycle for hours non-shop to reach the planned destination.

Prerna Samtani

Senior Operations Analyst

● Experience: I am a Doctoral Scholar, MBA Gold Medalist in Marketing and have cleared the second group of CA Final.I have around 3 years of research experience and have also completed 3 years of CA articleship. I have worked with various analytical and research softwares and have also acquired many certifications in the same.

● Superpower: Ability to link varied perspectives in a meaningful manner, to get the best outcome.

● Fun Fact: I have immense interest in exploring new places and understanding the history behind them. I have also published various research papers on management & marketing topics like business re-engineering, nudge theory, social media usage, etc.

Irfan Thakur

Senior Operations Analyst

● Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Information and Technology and Diploma in Computer Engineering. Over 2 years of experience as a Project Manager in a startup and 1 year of experience as a Technical Account Manager taking care of facilities and practices with their technical issues of EMR in eClinical Works Pvt. LTD.

● Superpower: Time travelling. I have daily conversations sitting with my older self and the one I'm trying to become which gives me better self-awareness.

● Fun Fact: I am a poet, writer and avid reader. I'm an indoor person. You will usually find me on the sofa either reading an article or writing one.

Riyaz Shaikh

Operations Analyst

● Experience: I am an Mba Graduate, specialised in Operations and International Business. I have roughly 5 years of experience in Operations & Customer servise and have worked for MNC's like JP Morgan Chase, CMA CGM & DHL.

● Superpower: Decisiveness, Systematic thinking and Team player these are my 3 superpowers which makes me a relyable resource, specially during a crisis.

● Fun Fact: I write Poems, songs and I sing as well. I am a fun to be around person

Simran Kaur Bhatti

Operations Analyst

● Experience: I have Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Persuing Data Science. With over 3 years of experience working with Godrej Properties Limited and 7 months of experience in an IT firm doing data mapping as well as data analyst.

● Superpower: Luckily, I'm obsessed with staying organized & making everyone's life easier. If you want to get something done, you come to me - everyone knows that!

● Fun Fact: The weirdest thing about me is i have Ailurophobia.

Maaz Shaikh

Operations Analyst

● Experience: PG in Data Science, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Experienced in Operations of 3 years, worked in Edtech Company where I used to handle data documentation process, visa process,etc and trained people in Operations. Basic experience in Agile Scrum and SQL and Python Language.

● Superpower: I am a fast learner and my superpower is I can stay calm in hectic situations. Learning new things is my special ability.

● Fun Fact: I am a very active person and love to talk.