Top Gifts For Your Home – Not Working

1. Aera: Mini Diffuser

Perfectly noticeable, perfectly consistent, perfectly simple. Aera’s Mini Diffuser plugs into wall outlets and dispenses fragrance as ultra-tiny scent molecules which fills small to medium-sized rooms with even, livable fragrances.



2. Brandless: Pro-Blender

Power your well-being with the durable, adaptable, pro-quality blender. Explore new recipes & settings with every meal. Includes tamper. Household use only. With 6 stainless steel blades you can chop, puree and and blend with confidence. When you’re done, quickly blend with soapy water to clean, then move on to the next one.



3. Design Toscano – Glacier Peak Cascading Garden Fountain

Tranquil water cascades across three levels of weathered stones and time-honored tree branches to empty gently into a softly illuminated pool. Casted in quality designer resin and realistically hand-painted to capture the patinas of aged wood and moss-covered rocks.



4. Cuyana: Alpaca Color Block Throw

Equal parts feminine and versatile, this multifaceted piece is the perfect warm accent for your home or shawl for your wardrobe.



5. Sunday: Grass Seed

Our all-in-one formula combines grass seed, essential nutrients, and moisture-holding mulch to thicken up thin spots, stimulate growth, and green up your lawn. Just shake it on and water it in! Best for northern and transitional climates.



6. Foria: Relaxing CBD Bath Salts

Inspired by the relaxing ritual of bathing, our multi-botanical CBD bath soak is formulated to renew you in body & mind. The mineral-rich Epsom salts are infused with the tension-relieving benefits of organically-grown kava, lavender, calendula, ginger, and hemp. This calming CBD bath salt blend delivers a symphony of botanicals to nourish skin, encourage circulation, relieve discomfort, and leave you feeling revitalized.